Where to Eat

Pasta Party and Gala

sgambaro-logo-completoOn the evening of Friday, June 27th in Conegliano a free Pasta Party is scheduled for the participating teams of the Alpe Adria. Supporters may also join by booking at: *protected email*. Cost for supporters [to be determined].

Further (also in Conegliano) on the evening of Saturday, June 28th a Gala evening will take place (it’s for guests only and is free of charge). More information in the coming weeks on this page).

Eating at the race site

At the Cansiglio a stand, run by volunteers of the Spert Alpine corp, will offer hot meals at the end of the race. More information will be posted in the coming weeks.

Eating at the “Agriturismi”

Italy is famous for its cuisine, why not take advantage of the Alpe Adria to visit some “agriturismi” and taste the typical cuisine of the place? In addition to Venetian cuisine one can also enjoy dishes from the old Cimbric tradition. These premises support the event and are just minutes away from the areas of competition: