TrailO Italian Cup - 28th and 29th June 2014

Orienteering Swallows Noale with the support of Orienteering Tarzo is happy to invite you to this two-days event in the fantastic wood of the Cansiglio Highland. In particular we invite the athletes of Alpe Adria to try this new discipline of the orienteering, that tests in depth the skills in map and terrain reading.

03/07/2014:    unofficial Overall results of the two days for the Elite class (Thanks to Damir Gobec). The overall winner is Ivana Gobec: the organizers offer her their congratulations!
01/07/2014:    Results of Saturday and Sunday . Important: they are slightly different from the ones published in the competition days; actually after a check some results were corrected. In particular, the winner in the Paralimpic class on Saturday was Mauro Nardo. Congratulations by the organizers!
27/06/2014:    Bulletins of Saturday and Sunday (in Italian; at the competition also in English).
26/06/2014:    Entry lists of Saturday and Sunday.
26/06/2014:    For this event SportIdent will be used to record the competition time; so the competitors are advised to bring their own sicard!

Competition: The event is consisting of two competitions on 28th and 29th June. Each day is valid for the TrailO Italian Cup and for the CRO-ITA-SLO TrailO Cup.
Formula: Classic Pre-O for both competitions.
Meeting Point: 1st day:    At 14:00, "Bar Bianco", at Pian Cansiglio. Parking close to the meeting point.
GPS: N 46.061149, E 12.403488

2nd day:    At 14:00 Archeton, Pian Cansiglio. Parking 1km from the meeting point.
GPS: N 46.06642, E 12.416738

First start: 1st day:    At 15:00, 900m from the meeting point.
2nd day:    At 15:00, close to the meeting point.
Map: Cansiglio - Archeton, scale 1:5000, contour interval 5m, enlargement from the Foot-O map scale 1:10000. Map revised near the points.
Terrain: Woody karstic terrain.
Open Elite
Open A
Entries: Entries must be sent to , deadline: Tuesday 24 June. . During the competition day entries will be accepted until availability of maps.
Entry fees:
€ 10,00 per day.
Young <=16 and beginners:     € 5,00 per day
Prizes: Prizes for the best three in each category, for every competition
Event manager: Alessandro Casarin
Course planners: Elvio Cereser, Renato Bettin
Course controllers: Renato Bettin, Elvio Cereser
Info: Orienteering Swallows Noale