In June of 2014 a major sporting event will take place in the area between the provinces of Treviso, Belluno and Pordenone which will involve several thousands athletes, trainers, technicians, managers, organizers and fans.

This event will be dedicated entirely to orienteering: a sport that moves legs and brain as it’s known.

Athletes involved in these races have at their disposal a map and a compass and, (following ideally the shortest path), must reach the finish line passing through key points (i.e.lanterns) in the least possible time.

The races of this sporting event will take place on two different terrains: the Cansiglio Forest and the historic center of Conegliano. Athletes from all over the world will have the opportunity, in these three days of competition, not only to compete with each other, but also to train for the World Cup that will take place the following week in the Veneto and Trentino regions.

The Orienteering Tarzo Association , who worked for many years in the territory by organizing promotional circuits with the aim of bringing children and entire families to the sport, is honored to have been chosen by the Italian Orienteering Federation to organize these three days of competition .

The schedule for the event will be as follows:

27, 28 and 29 of June the race called ” Alpe- Adria ” will take place in the terrain of the forest of Cansiglio with the town of Tambre serving as the logistics base, the races however will be held entirely in the nearby town of Polcenigo.

The event comprising of three different race specialities, will involve athletes from 17 European countries.

During one of the three days of competition athletes will vie also for the “Italian Cup” and for the “Historic Places Trophy”, which will be held in Conegliano: a total of 4 races will be held in three days .

The intent of Ortarzo is not only to promote sport orienteering but also to enhance the area and its products. This message is therefore directed to public and private agencies, businesses, companies, firms and associations that, in conjunction with this event, would like to take advantage of the opportunity to promote what best the territory can offer; all this in synergy with the Association Orienteering Tarzo who agrees to give the maximum availability and collaboration to their efforts aimed at the success of the event.

The Chairman
Mauro Tona