Representative’s registration Alpe Adria

Entries as representative can only be done in the categories and races valid for the Alpe Adria’s ranking : Long (MW 18, MW 21 , MW 35) , Relay (only MW 21) and Middle (MW 18, MW Elite, MW 35). These entries are free of charge, only the eventual rental of SportIdent requires a fee. Entries for the Sprint race and categories that do not carry points must be made through the club of affiliation. Please find below the maximum number of representative allowed in the Alpe Adria events by categories:

M 18 W 18 M 21 W 21 M 35 W 35
Long and Middle (number of runners) 2 2 4 3 2 2
Relay (number of 3-people teams) 2 2

Representatives of the regions (maximum 20 people including 2 coaches) are entitled to free accommodation. Entries must be postmarked by June 15, 2014 at  using the  AA Teams Form (617 downloads) . The relay race participants may be shuffled up to 2 hours before the start of the race, for individual events changes are possible only for health reasons, and in any case up to 2 hours before the start of the race. The medical certificate must be send to , see this article for more informations.

Italian clubs registrations

The Italian clubs must register via the FISO‘s website submitting entries by June 21, 2014. We cannot accept more than 1500 entries for each race (max. 800 entries for sprint race). For any subsequent changes e-mails can be sent to: .

Access to entries system: Long Relay SprintMiddle

Foreign clubs registrations

Foreign companies must register by June 15, 2014 on OrienteeringOnline.net and follow the instructions provided in the system. If necessary, use the email address: . We cannot accept more than 1500 entries for each race (max. 800 entries for sprint race). The medical certificate must be send to , see this article for more informations.

Access to entries system: all races

Individuals – beginners and open registrations:

For the non competitive categories (Bianco, Rosso) is possible to register on the same day of the races. To participate in the competitions it is essential to be registered to FISO (or other foreign federation), any membership may be made on site. For more information (and any early registration – before June 21, 2014) e-mail to: .


Alpe Adria classes are marked with A, World Ranking Event classes are marked with W Long race – friday 27th June 2014:

  • Competitive classes: MW 12, MW 14, MW 16, MW 18A, MW 21AW, MW B, MW C, MW 35A MW 45, MW 55, MW 65
  • Non competitive classes: Bianco (White), Rosso (Red)

Relay race – saturday 28th Sunday 2014 (morning):

  • Classes with three runners: MW 21A
  • Classes with two runners: MW 14, MW 18, MW 35, MW 50, Open
  • Individual and non competitive classes: Bianco (White)

Sprint race – saturday 28th June 2014 (afternoon):

  • Competitive classes:  MW 12, MW 14, MW 16, MW 18, MW SeniorW, MW 35, MW 45, MW 55
  • Non competitive classes: Bianco (White), Rosso (Red)

Middle race – sunday 29th June 2014:

  • Competitive classes: MW 12, MW 14, MW 16, MW 18A, MW 20, MW EliteAW, MW A, MW B, MW C, MW 35A, MW 40, MW 45, MW 50, MW 55, MW 60, MW 65, M 70
  • Non competitive classes: Bianco (White), Rosso (Red)

Fees and payments

  • 10,00 € per person, per race ( over 16 years).
  • 5,00 € per person, per race ( up to 16 years).
  • 5,00 € SportIdent rental for 4 races (or 1,50 € per race ) . A deposit of € 40.00 will be imposed for each loaned SI-card, refundable upon return of the chip. This deposit is not required if the sicard is delivered to the athlete on the morning of the last day of racing.
  • 5,00 € FISO membership no agonist (over 17 years – only italians).
  • 0,00 € FISO membership no agonist (under 17 years – only italians).

Payment must be made prior of the race by bank transfer or via PayPal. After the payment send an email to , we’ll note it on OrienteeringOnline.

Bank transfers

These the bank details where send the payments.

Beneficiary: Orienteering Tarzo a.s.d.


IBAN: IT18L0890462131008000008533


Paypal and credit cards

Opting for this payment system will require a 3.6% surcharge. To proceed with the payment please use the form below. As "payment code" use the one provided by OrienteeringOnline.net; if you choose instead to register through the FISO's site , enter the affiliation code.

Payment code
Amount EUR - this payment system will add a 3.6% surcharge
Remarks for organizers: