Where to stay

The gyms

During the night of Thursday the 26th trough Saturday the 28th of June, two gyms with bathrooms and showers are available for the sleeping bag crowd. The representatives of the AA Regions (maximum of 20 people per Region including 2 coaches ) will be accommodated free of charge. Any other interested parties can book via email for the price of € 7.00 per night to: ti.oz1569237699ratro1569237699@inoi1569237699zircs1569237699i1569237699

Camping grounds

  • Camping Sarathei is situated in Farra d’ Alpago ( BL), on Lake Santa Croce (15 km from Cansiglio), (35 km from Conegliano): www.sarathei.it.
  • Camping al Lago is situated in Tarzo (TV), Lake Revine zone (30 km from Cansiglio), (15 km from Conegliano): www.campingallago.info
  • In Cansiglio tents are prohibited, however there will be a dedicated parking (without services) for the mobile/campers crowd.
  • For water loading/unloading we suggest to contact the ENI gas station in Vittorio Veneto via Cansiglio


“Themed holiday” offers

See accommodations offers by “Themed holiday Treviso – Sportshire“.

Agritourisms, B&B, Hotel

In the hills of the entire  province of Treviso and around the mountains of Belluno’s province Agritourisms and B&B are widespread. These places are ideal for couples or small groups who want to spend a weekend in contact with nature and also enjoy excellent local food and fine wine from the surrounding vineyards. You can use the booking system on the right, or contact one of the structures that support the event close to the race site: