Champions at Alpe Adria

The event counts more than 2,000 entries from the world over, including IOF highest ranking athletes.

The following are the most prominent female names:

  • Annika Billstam 2011 WORLD CHAMPION (currently no. 5 in the world)
  • Tove Alexandersson 4 TIMES WORLD SILVER MEDALIST 2012-2013 (currently no. 2 in the world)
  • Lena Eliasson 3 TIMES WORLD BRONZE MEDALIST 2007-2011-2013. (currently No.4 in the world)
  • Hanny Allston 2006 WORLD CHAMPION currently no. 102 in the world)
  • Svetlana Mironova (currently n. 11 in the world)
  • Catherine Taylor (currently n. 19 in the world)

and no less regarded: Lizzie Ingham, Bernardett Kelemen, Vanessa Round, Felicity Brown, Fanni Gyurko, Louise Oram, Heike Torggler, Maria Novella Sbaraglia, and Lucia Curzio.

Among the notables in male male names:

  • Graham Gristwood 2006 WORLD CHAMPION (currently no. 102 in the world)
  • Mikhail Mamleev 2009 WORLD SILVER BRONZE 2004 (currently no. 72 in the world)
  • Robert Merl n. 45 in the world
  • William Lind n. 43 in the world

and no less important : Uppill Simon, Alessio Tenani, Julian Dent, Ross Morrison, Tim Robertson, Olli-Markus Taivainen, Klaus Schgaguler, Roberto Dallavalle, Marco Seppi, Caraglio Michele, and Zagonel Giacomo.

During the event you will be able to see all these champions in competition.

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